Why Pure Petroleum Jelly is our best friend.

A neglected container of Pure Petroleum Jelly rates relatively high on the list of typical oddities seen in most Pakistan. While petroleum jelly is beneficial in various ways and is generally easily accessible, it is also one of the most underused and underappreciated cosmetic products in our homes, only being used once in a blue moon to cover chapped lips.

However, according to professional beauty experts, petroleum jelly is one of the most helpful cosmetic products to keep on hand. From rejuvenating and restoring moisture to dry skin to serve as a protective barrier for split ends, petroleum jelly may satisfy a wide range of skincare, hair care, and general beauty health needs. But, before we get into the many advantages you may get from your beloved container of petroleum jelly, let’s take a brief look at what chemicals are in petroleum jelly.

So, what exactly is petroleum jelly?

Petroleum jelly is a waxy, jelly-like material colorless, semi-solid combination of hydrocarbons, natural waxes, and mineral oils. Originally marketed as a topical ointment for treating skin sensitivities and minor illnesses, the container of petroleum jelly is now a cosmetic  essential in most homes worldwide.

And How Can It Help Me?

Petroleum jelly is used for various skin carehair care, and beauty requirements. You may even manufacture your own cosmetic products by combining a few components with a dab of petroleum jelly, such as blending an old lipstick with some petroleum jelly to produce colored lip balm. Petroleum jelly also has therapeutic properties as a topical therapy for minor skin conditions such as rashes and eczema. Stated, the applications of petroleum jelly are many, and most of them go beyond the conventional ones you’ve been using.

On that topic, here are five brilliant applications for Petroleum Jelly that more than deserve its undisputed status as the most helpful home beauty product.

1. Treat Thigh Chafing During Hot Summer Days

Chafing is one of the most vexingly unpleasant issues that women all over the globe face. It’s a painful skin irritation caused by continuous rubbing and friction, such as with our thighs on hot summer days. Fortunately, you can cure and avoid chafing using our trusty Pure Petroleum Jelly. Apply a coating of petroleum jelly to the inflamed skin or blisters to help them heal, it also acts as a protective barrier.

2. Use It To Extend The Life Of Your Perfume.

We’ve all been crossroads with scents that promised to linger for hours yet delivered on little of those promises. You may avoid this by putting Care Pure Petroleum Jelly  to your pulse points before spritzing them with perfume. The odorless, sticky material retains scent much longer than dry skin.

3. Guard Your Damaged Split Ends

Care Lemon Petroleum Jelly creates a thick protective coating on whatever it is applied, reducing the area’s exposure to the surrounding environment. The same principle applies to your hair. Therefore, you may use Care Pure Petroleum Jelly to efficiently seal in moisture and prevent further deterioration of your split ends. Apply a considerable amount to your split ends and leave it on for an hour before washing your hair.

4. Use It to Remove Makeup from Your Eyes

Are you nearing the end of your favorite Micellar water? Petroleum jelly may be equally as efficient as cleansing wipes in removing makeup. The oil in petroleum jelly helps remove stubborn makeup without being unpleasant or requiring you to massage your skin aggressively. To remove eye makeup, dab a cotton pad with Care Honey & Almond Petroleum Jelly. When applying petroleum jelly to the surrounding skin, keep your eyes closed.

5. Treat Minor Burns, Scuffs, and Scrapes

It was the initial motivation for marketing petroleum jelly as a dermatological component. Petroleum jelly may be used as a topical therapy for minor skin injuries since it helps to lock in moisture and keep irritants at bay. Before applying a coating of Care Pure Petroleum Jelly, make sure the wounded area has been cleaned and disinfected.

Here are five ways that Petroleum Jelly can prove to be useful to you. So dig up that container of petroleum jelly from the bottom of your drawer and start using it.