Proven Skin Care Routine with Care Cosmetic Lotions

Making sure your skin is at its best health daily is essential. Moisturizing your entire body is a task that some can do, and others never do. It is thanks to genetics that some people have great skin and others don’t. Depending on the weather, your efforts to make sure your skin is moisturized can somewhat be in vain. Dry weather can put a tremendous burden on the skin’s outer layer by robbing it of essential oils needed to stay healthy. It is necessary to moisturize within five minutes after a shower before heading out for the day to protect your skin. Weather is especially tough on people with naturally dry skin; therefore, it is essential to know your skin needs and type.

Skin types can range from being dry, oily, regular, and combination or sensitive. It usually depends on the age of the person. It can be seen in older adults that due to age, their skin might be sensitive or combination, maybe even oilier than when they were younger. Several factors can determine the type of skin a person has. It could be the amount of water in their skin, its sensitivity, that is, how it reacts to different kinds of weather, food, environment, temperature, or anything else that your body might come across.

Know your skin type:

The four most common skin types are; normal, combination, dry and oily.

Normal skin is in between being dry and oily, and it’s neither. It has barely any pores visible and not any signs of severe sensitivity. Normal skin needs as much care as any other skin type, and products from Care Cosmetics such as Care Honey LotionCare Fairness Lotion, and Care Whitening Lotion provide.

Combination skin consists of areas that might be dry, and some areas of the body are oily. It varies from person to person. This type of skin requires the most care because you might be moisturizing one part of the body and not paying attention to another that’s oily and needs proper care that Care Cosmetics Honey lotion provides. Combination skin is prone to blackheads, can have larger pores, and the tone of the skin is shiny.

Dry skin can be flaky, irritating, rough, or crack when it gets too dry due to improper treatment. It can be due to genes, ultraviolet radiation exposure, hot baths, using wrong cosmetic products. Care cosmetics make sure your dry skin is given the treatment and love it deserves. To make sure dry is healthy, you need to use humidifiers, use appropriate soaps for your skin and use gentle lotions and moisturizers, ones that Care Cosmetics has, like Care Cosmetics Cleansing Milk, which is regarded as the best in Pakistan!

Oily skin type can have a dull tone to it, with pimples and blackheads. Oily skin has larger pores than other skin types, and making sure your oily skin is clean and healthy by using Care Cosmetics Fairness Lotion and Care Cosmetics Whitening Cream.

Which lotion suits your skin type: 

Care Cosmetics brings you the best solution for skin health with our line of lotions that ensure proper treatment of all types of skins of all kinds of weather!

Care Cleansing Milk

Freshens up the skin, making it soft and radiant by washing away impurities and dirt. Care Cleansing Milk contains Vitamin B3, which evens the skin tone, strengthens weak skin, and improves the condition of pores. Vitamin B5 helps in moisturizing the skin and heals damage done to the skin from acne and blemishes. Care Cleansing Milk is an all-rounder for your skin.

Care Deep Moisturizing Lotion

Supports dry and flaky skin by hydrating it using multivitamins and anti-aging ability that helps in making the skin feel younger and fresher. Best moisturizer for oily skin. As an antioxidant formula, it gives the skin a distinct glow. An actual daily use product for your face and hands!

Care Fairness Lotion with Honey

Rich in honey and almond extracts, Care Fairness Lotion with honey provides hydration for all skin types. Radiant and glowing skin is a sure shot, and Care Fairness Lotion contains Vitamin B3 and B5 that aids in healing the skin while having anti-aging properties. It is oil-free and is suitable for all skin types.

 Care Honey Lotion

They are regarded as Pakistan’s number 1! Care Honey Lotion gives the love that your skin deserves with its rich natural honey formulation, grape seed oils that aid in treating acne-prone skin and fortifies the skin’s barrier, which reduces water loss. It contains vitamin B3, B5, and E, a powerful antioxidant that reduces UV (Ultraviolet) damage to the skin due to prolonged exposure to the sun.

Care Sunblock Lotion

Like we described how prolonged exposure to the sun could damage the skin, Care Sunblock Lotion is here to further increase the protection from Care Honey Lotion by providing excellent protection from ultraviolet rays and keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized throughout the day! Suitable for all skin types, it is the best sunblock in Pakistan. Care Sunblock Lotion ensures you and your family are safe from UV rays while moisturizing your skin.

Care Super Fruits Winter Lotion

From the hot sun of the summer to the cold, dry winters, Care Cosmetics has it all. Care Super Fruits Winter Lotion helps make dry skin glow and replenish the moisture that winters cause your skin to lose. With vitamin B3, B5, and E, just like the trusted formula other Care Cosmetics products have, Care Super Fruits Winter Lotion removes the buildup of dead skin and makes the skin smoother and softer!

Care Whitening Lotion

Be it any weather, and Care Whitening Lotion makes sure that your skin is prepped and ready for any treatments that you have a plan. With SPF 15+ formulation, your skin will feel the best glow and be clear and prepared for the day! Removes dirt and oil from the skin and nourishes the skin with vitamin C, B3, and B5.

Care Cosmetics is here to protect your skin day and night through all seasons of the year. Make sure to keep your daily skincare routine consistent with Care Cosmetics products for the best results!