Milk Soap with Vitamin E

    Rs.35 – Rs.85

    Care Milk Protein Soap with vitamin E contains is a natural and highly effective skincare solution. It is lightly scented, mild and soothing, a true daily delight for the skin....

    Delicate White Flowers Soap

    Rs.35 – Rs.85

    Care Delicate White Flower is a multivitamin soap that is perfect for Cleansing & Bathing and springs a long-lasting fragrance on the skin. It softens the skin and gives a...

    Rose Water & Strawberry Soap

    Rs.35 – Rs.85

    Care Rose Water & Strawberry Extract Soap offers a balanced mixture of essence including citrus, moss, amber, and warm woods and roses. It is perfect for all skin types and...

    Aloe Vera with Cucumber Soap

    Rs.35 – Rs.85

    Care Aloe Vera with Cucumber is formulated with the amazing power of natural ingredients that nurture the skin and keep it hydrated in all kinds of weather conditions.

    Honey & Almond Soap

    Rs.35 – Rs.85

    Care Honey & Almond with Milk Soap with super moisturizers leave the skin soft and supple, with a warm natural scent that makes the skin feel fresh throughout the day...

    Lemon & Lime with Glycerine Soap

    Rs.35 – Rs.85

    Care Lemon & Lime Soap is enriched with moisturizing, restorative glycerin formula, and multi-vitamins that serve as the perfect combination for the daily skincare routine. It is perfect for all...


    Rs.80 – Rs.200

    Care Glycerin is made from a variety of natural and plant-based ingredients, making it the ideal choice for skin and hair care treatments. Care Glycerin formula promotes cell development and...

    Nail Polish Remover

    Rs.70 – Rs.130

    Care Nail Polish remover gently removes even the darkest colors in a single step. Apart from its effectiveness; its acetone formula leaves your nails perfectly clean. It contains vitamin B5...

    Lilac Scented Soap

    Rs.35 – Rs.85

    Care Lilac Scented Soap is a perfect skincare solution. It reduces lines, wrinkles, blemishes, or other age-related marks, this soap can help tighten the skin, increase elasticity, and prevent many...

    Softening & Moisturizing Hand wash


    Care Almond Milk and Honey Hand Wash is a super effective antibacterial and antifungal hand washes with moisturizing, moisture retention properties. Further, it helps in pore cleansing and leaves the hands...

    Hydrating & Beautifying Hand Wash


    Care Rose Water and Strawberry extract hand wash hydrates and beautify the hands. Further, it tightens the skin pores which result in youthful and glowing hands. Its antibacterial & antifungal...

    Soap Saver


    Care Soap Saver reduces soap wastage, helps to conserve soap, and adds to the bathroom décor. They’re designed specifically so that the soap gets as much airflow as possible which...

    Prickly Heat Powder Extra Cooling Effects

    Rs.150 – Rs.180

    Care wildlife perfumed talc provides all-day protection against sweat, chafing and odor. It keeps you smelling fresh and gives you 48hr protection.Its special formula bad body odor especially during summers.-Absorbs...

    Soothing & Refreshing Hand Wash


    Soothing & Refreshing Hand Wash is made with extracts of both Aloe Vera and Cucumber. This combination not only keeps you safe from viruses but it also helps to repair any...

    Softening & Smoothing Hand wash


    Care Kiwi and Raspberry hand wash with Milk and vitamin E help keep your hand super soft. It provides hands with the necessary fortification while also keeping them smooth. Its antibacterial...

    Protecting & Beautifying Hand Wash


    Care Antibacterial handwash kills 99.99% of the germs and bacteria and further also beautifies the hands. It is formulated with Vitamin B3 and Amino Acids to help hydrate skin, treat hyperpigmentation...

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