Almond Oil


Almond Oil is a healthy and luxurious hair and body treatment. Allow almond oil's nourishing, hydrating, and softening properties to leave your skin silky-soft and your hair healthy.      ...

Aloe Vera Crème Bleach

Rs.20 – Rs.500

Care Aloe Vera Crème Bleach is highly effective in lightening dark hair on the face, arms, and body to match the skin tone. Further, this formulation has much more benefits...

Aloe Vera with Cucumber Soap

Rs.70 – Rs.150

Care Aloe Vera with Cucumber is formulated with the amazing power of natural ingredients that nurture the skin and keep it hydrated in all kinds of weather conditions.     ...

Anti-Bacterial with Sea Minerals Soap

Rs.70 – Rs.120

Care Anti-Bacterial with Sea-Minerals Soap comprises vital minerals that are combined with a proprietary blend of bioactive and organic extracts. It leaves the body feeling replenished, purified, and revitalized. The...

Baby Feeder Bundle


Baby Feeder Transparent with Handle (125ml)  Baby Feeder Transparent with Handle (250ml)  Baby Feeder Transparent without Handle (125ml)  Baby Feeder Transparent without Handle (250ml)            

Baby Nipple Bundle


10 Baby Nipples           

Bleach Creme Bundle


Bleach Crème Bundle includes our 6 top-of-the-line variants of Bleach Crème including 2 Aloe Vera Crème Bleach (10ml) – Rs. 20 2 Peach Plus Crème Bleach (10ml) – Rs. 20...

Build Your Own Bundle

Rs.43 – Rs.2,083

Here's a chance for you to Build Your Own Bundle. Add any Five Products of your own choice and avail 15% discount.

Build Your Own Bundle

Rs.63 – Rs.2,664

Here's a chance for you to Build Your Own Bundle. Add any Four Products of your own choice and avail 10% discount.

Build Your Own Bundle

Rs.100 – Rs.1,159

Here's a chance for you to Build Your Own Bundle. Add any Three Products of your own choice and avail 5% discount.

Build Your Own Bundle

Rs.0 – Rs.1,403

Here's a chance for you to Build Your Own Bundle. Add any Five Products of your own choice and avail 15% discount.

Build Your Own Bundle

Rs.0 – Rs.3,103

Here's a chance for you to Build Your Own Bundle. Add any Five Products of your own choice and avail 15% discount.

Build Your Own Bundle

Rs.0 – Rs.912

Here's a chance for you to Build Your Own Bundle. Add any Three Products of your own choice and avail 5% discount.

Build Your Own Bundle

Rs.0 – Rs.1,700

Here's a chance for you to Build Your Own Bundle. Add any Five Products of your own choice and avail 15% discount.

Care Bundle


1 Nail Polish Remover (55 ml) 1 Heel Cream (25 ml)  1 Fairness Honey Lotion (95 ml)  1 Aloe Vera Crème Bleach (70 ml)  1 Vanishing Cream (70 ml)  1...

Care Hand Wash Bundle


Pack of 4: (Add option to choose any variant)           

Care Junior Bundle


Care Junior Bundle is a perfect choice for mothers who are quality and health-conscious. It includes a 1 Baby Feeder Colored (without handle) (250ml)  1 Baby Feeder Transparent (without handle)...

Care Sunblock Lotion

Rs.90 – Rs.300

Care sunblock lotion provides effective broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection while keeping the skin moisturized and hydrated. Please Note: All our lotions are Non- Comedogenic, especially the oil-free ones (they have a higher...

Classic Talcum Powder with Cologne

Rs.110 – Rs.220

Care Classic Cologne is a luxurious perfumed talcum powder, infused with premium fragrance that gives a silky-smooth texture to the skin, leaving it delicately fragranced and refreshed. For best results...

Cleansing Milk

Rs.110 – Rs.300

Care Cleansing Milk melts away impurities and dirt, leaving the skin fresh, soft & radiant. It contains vitamins B3 and B5 that keep the skin healthy. Please Note: All our lotions...

Cold Cream

Rs.180 – Rs.300

Care Fairness Cold Cream is fortified with a fairness formula and Vitamin B3, Vitamin E, Vitamin B5, and Aloe Vera Extracts. It is non-sticky and absorbs quickly into the skin...

Colored Baby Feeder Bundle


Baby Feeder Colored Without Handle (125ml)  Baby Feeder Colored Without Handle (250ml)  Baby Feeder Colored with Handle (125ml)  Baby Feeder Colored with Handle (250ml)            

Cooline Prickly Heat Powder

Rs.150 – Rs.200

Care Prickly Heat Powder with Extra Cooling effects relieves the painful prickly and itching sensation of heat rash that can occur when sweat gland ducts become blocked. It helps to...

Deep Moisturizing Lotion

Rs.90 – Rs.300

Care Deep Moisturizing Lotion hydrates dry, flaky skin and replenishes fresh skin to reveal a deep, luminous glow. It contains a rich antioxidant formula with an anti-aging ability that keeps...

Delicate White Flowers Soap

Rs.70 – Rs.140

Care Delicate White Flower is a multivitamin soap that is perfect for Cleansing & Bathing and springs a long-lasting fragrance on the skin. It softens the skin and gives a...

Fairness Cream

Rs.100 – Rs.250

Care Fairness Cream nourishes the skin and is formulated with Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, and E which removes discoloration of the skin and strengthens skin barrier function. It has anti-inflammatory...

Fairness Honey Lotion

Rs.180 – Rs.560

Care Fairness Honey lotion is oil-free and contains rich Honey & Almond extracts. It provides soothing hydration and makes the skin radiant. A blend of Vitamin A, B3, and B5...

Fairness Winter Cream

Rs.70 – Rs.250

Care Fairness Cream moisturizes and removes discoloration of the skin. Enriched with vitamin B2, E, and natural oils, it leaves the skin silky and radiant. Its moisturizing formula prevents the...

Germ Protection Bundle


2 Hand Wash (270ml) – Rs. 300  2 Beauty Soap (any two variants) (135g) – Rs. 110 1 Fairness Honey Lotion (57ml) – Rs. 120 1 Soap Saver – Rs....


Rs.100 – Rs.250

Care Glycerine is made from a variety of natural and plant-based ingredients, making it the ideal choice for skin and hair care treatments. Care Glycerin formula promotes cell development and...

Hair Remover Lemon

Rs.20 – Rs.250

Care Hair Removal Lotion is enriched with Lemon Extracts rich in Vitamin C, which reduces skin damage and premature aging. The lemon properties decrease oil on the skin and reduce inflammation....

Hair Remover Rose

Rs.30 – Rs.200

Care Rose Hair Remover formulated for hair removal is designed especially for sensitive skin to remove unwanted hair quickly without any irritation. It comes with a beautiful rose fragrance; it...

Hair Remover with Aloe Vera

Rs.70 – Rs.200

Care Hair Removal Lotion with Aloe Vera and Cucumber removes unwanted hair as its superior formula exfoliates and moisturizes skin for a silkier, soft, and smooth finish. The lotion contains...

Hair Remover with Shea Butter

Rs.80 – Rs.200

Care Hair Remover Lotion with Shea Butter is incredibly easy to use and gives incredible, long-lasting results in minutes. The lotion is formulated to break down the keratin structure of...

Hair Removing Bundle


1 Almond Oil (30ml) – Rs. 250 2 Aloe Vera Crème Bleach (70ml) – Rs. 150 2 Hair Remover Rose (40ml) – Rs.90           

Heel Cream


Care Heel Cream hydrates, preserves prevents & keeps the heels looking youthful and healthy. It comprises Vitamin E, Grape Seed Oil, Mineral Oil, and Zinc Oxide along with 19 other...

Honey & Almond Soap

Rs.80 – Rs.150

Care Honey & Almond with Milk Soap with super moisturizers leave the skin soft and supple, with a warm natural scent that makes the skin feel fresh throughout the day...

Honey Cream Bleach


Care Honey Bleach Cream is Good for sensitive skin. For instant and amazing results use care cream Bleach Good quality product in Pakistan.           

Honey Lotion

Rs.180 – Rs.800

Care Honey Lotion pampers the skin with a formula that is rich in natural Honey, Grape Seed oils, and Vitamin E. It replenishes the skin while providing a natural glow...

Hydrating & Beautifying Hand Wash


Care Rose Water and Strawberry extract hand wash hydrates and beautifies the hands. Further, it tightens the skin pores which results in youthful and glowing hands. It's antibacterial & antifungal...

Lemon & Lime with Glycerine Soap

Rs.70 – Rs.150

Care Lemon & Lime Soap is enriched with moisturizing, restorative glycerin formula, and multi-vitamins that serve as the perfect combination for the daily skincare routine. It is perfect for all...

Lemon cream

Rs.0 – Rs.190

Care Fairness Lemon cream is best for oily skin. It shrinks pores and has a mild brightening effect revealing shiny and glowing skin after each application. A combination of vitamin...

Lemon Cream Bleach


Care Lemon cream bleach is a safe and easy way to lighten body hair. A natural Lemon extract and a blend of vitamins help deliver faster & brighter results and...

Lemon Petroleum Jelly

Rs.100 – Rs.250

Care Lemon Petroleum Jelly eases the skin from all kinds of problems. It prevents minor cuts, scrapes, and burns from getting worse and reduces the appearance of fine lines over...

Lilac Scented Soap

Rs.70 – Rs.120

Care Lilac Scented Soap is a perfect skincare solution. It reduces lines, wrinkles, blemishes, or other age-related marks, this soap can help tighten the skin, increase elasticity, and prevent many...

Lotion Bundle


1 Honey Lotion (120 ml) – Rs. 300 1 Super Fruits Winter Lotion (95 ml) – Rs. 170 1 Fairness Honey Lotion (95 ml) – Rs. 300 1 Sunblock Lotion...

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