Hair Growth Tips By Care Cosmetics!

Everyone in this world is different from another, from different faces to different personalities; so much makes humans distinct. One such thing that transcends all is hair. Hair is a vital part of our looks and our personalities. Everyone desires to have long, beautiful hair. However, it is not easy to keep them maintained and looking fresh. To understand how hair works, we must first discuss how the natural growth cycle works.

Hair Growth Tips

Hair is just a long chain of proteins called keratin. It makes up your hair and stimulates its growth at the cellular level. However, due to ageing and other factors, the development of your hair can get stunted and result in poor and weak hair that is prone to breaking.

According to research, Care Cosmetics has identified which factors can contribute to rapid hair loss and weakened roots; these are;

  1. Hairstyles or hair treatments:

Using bands to tie your hair or even using different and varying hair products to style your hair a certain way can result in your hair getting damaged.

  1. Ultraviolet rays:

The heat and UV rays from the sun can damage unprotected hair or color treated hair. The damage from the Sun can come in the forms of discoloration, broken or split ends, dry and brittle strands, thinning and fizziness. 

  1. Medication:

People on certain types of medicines might experience hair loss and weaker strands.

  1. Hormonal conditions:

People who belong to a younger age group might have different hair growth and loss levels than older people. It could be due to someone going through a pregnancy or hormone-related changes. This change can either be permanent or temporary, depending on the person.

  1. Genes:

Everyone has a different set of genes that can contribute to or deteriorate hair growth. Someone with family members who experienced hair loss early might also go through the same situation as it could be inherited. In contrast, on another person, they might never experience hair loss because their parents or relatives did not have those genes.

Hair loss? Care Cosmetics brings you its remedies to cure the breakage and loss of hair on your scalp!

Here are which Care Cosmetics Hair Care products you should use:

  • Care Cosmetics Almond Oil:

Care Cosmetics Almond Oil is an excellent hair oil for nourishing your hair and strengthening them. It also provides nourishment for your scalp, which soothes irritation and in cases, swelling due to a hot climate or eczema. Its ingredients help to improve the ageing skin and blood circulation. It’s not just for your hair but also any part of your skin! It’s a win-win.

  • Care Cosmetics Pure Glycerin:

Care Cosmetics Pure Glycerin aids in cell development and helps the skin in retaining its moisture. It is excellent for skin and hair health due to it being an all-purpose beauty product component. You can use it on your hair and skin to treat areas that suffer from dryness or itching.

Hair Care Tips you need to know:

 It is essential to have a daily or weekly consistent routine.

  • Massaging your scalp once every day is essential. It will increase blood flow to your hair follicles and will aid in hair growth.
  • Whenever you shower, try rinsing with cold water to avoid losing the essential oils from your scalp. If this happens, it will result in more breakage.
  • While brushing your hair, make sure to be gentle.
  • Tying your hair up often causes damage and can cause inflammation in hair follicles.
  • Avoid the usage of hair straighteners, and hair dryers as the heat from them damage your hair and also dries them up as moisture loss occurs.

Use these steps/routines to get the best possible outcome from Care Cosmetics Hair Oilsand have healthy hair throughout the year! Care Cosmetics is here for all skin types and all skincare and hair care needs.