Beauty Products For Better Cleansing in Pakistan

There are numerous cleansing products available nowadays in Pakistan, and finding the best one is a nightmare for all. During this pandemic, a proper cleansing routine has become very important to protect ourselves and everyone around us. For this purpose, Care provides us with a diversified range of Hand Wash and Beauty soaps. 

Soaps and Handwashing are the most commonly used product for cleansing our hands, face, or entire body. Care Soaps and Hand Wash come in a wide range with one thing in common; nice skin and fight germs so we look fresh and healthy without breaking the bank. Read on to learn about the cleansing products Care has for us!

Aloe Vera Soap with Cucumber

Aloe Vera with Cucumber Soap is made with natural ingredients of Aloe Vera and Cucumber. It is carefully formulated to keep your dry skin moisturized and also to look after skin pores. The combination of Aloe Vera and Cucumber makes this soap ideal for all kinds of weather and skin types.

Antibacterial Soap with Sea Minerals

Care Cleaning Soap with Sea Minerals is an antibacterial soap containing essential minerals combined with a blend of bioactive and organic extracts. It helps the skin replenish, purify, revitalize, and with its antibacterial properties, it keeps the microorganisms and germs at bay.

Delicate White Flowers Beauty Soap

A beauty soap that has a pleasant scent of Delicate White Flower. Not only it keeps you safe from germs, but its multivitamin formula also helps to soften your skin and refreshes it after every wash.

Honey & Almond Soap with Milk

Care Honey & Almond Milk Soap is made with both honey and almond milk properties to nourish and cleanse your skin. It helps soften, moisturize, and fight off germs, keeping your skin fresh and healthy.

Lemon & Lime Soap with Glycerin

Care Lemon & Lime Soap with the combination of glycerin is enriched with multivitamins to soften your skin, so you stay energized all day.

Lilac Scented Soap

Care Lilac Scented Soap is made with an intricate multivitamin composition to fight bacteria and germs, leaving behind a beautiful lilac scent on your skin. 

Milk Soap with Vitamin E

Care Milk Soap with Vitamin E is made out of Milk Protein and Vitamin E combination. Its formula makes it a very effective skin moisturizer, Beauty Products. It is slightly scented, making the fragrance very mild and soothing. 

Beauty Soap Rose Water & Strawberry Extract

Care Rose Water & Strawberry Extract Soap is made with a blend of rose water and strawberry extracts. It is formulated to give you instant freshness and also to fight off any germs. 

Care Protecting & Beautifying Hand Wash

Care Antibacterial Hand Wash kills 99.99% of the germs and bacteria’s. Vitamin B3 and Amino Acid’s added properties retain moisture content from the skin.  

Care Soothing & Refreshing Hand Wash

Soothing & Refreshing Hand Wash is made with extracts of both Aloe Vera and Cucumber. This combination not only keeps you safe from viruses but it also helps to repair any damaged skin.  

Care Softening & Moisturizing Hand wash

A combination of Almond Milk and Honey extracts helps the skin moisturize and hydrate to the skin’s surface. It also helps to clean and refresh your skin by fighting off 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.  

Care Softening & Smoothing Hand wash

Care Softening & Smoothing Hand Wash made with Kiwi and Raspberry properties helps keep your skin super soft. It provides your skin with the necessary protection while also keeping the skin moist. It is ideal for dry skin. 

Care Hydrating & Beautifying Hand Wash

Care Hydrating & Beautifying Hand Wash is made with Strawberry and Rose Water. It’s specially formulated to fight bacteria and keep your skin fresh and soft leaving a nice soothing scent.