Finding the best soap in Pakistan

The word soap is simply a straightforward word that describes its basic goal of cleansing. Nowadays, there are a variety of soaps meant for different areas with different purposes such as bath, shower, facial beauty, hands, hygiene, beauty soap, whitening soap,  scented soap, etc. Hand soaps are the most important category of soaps. The primary purpose of hand soaps is to kill the germs on the skin and keep it feeling fresh and smooth. Different types of soaps exist, and we can help you find the one that suits you best. Here are the best features of this product, according to your skin type and you get different varieties of soaps. Follow the Care product list to find the right soap for your skin type.

Care Beauty Soap Aloe Vera With Cucumber

Care Aloe Vera with Cucumber Soap is an excellent soap full of herbal ingredients made especially of milk cream extracts and a combination of moisturizing agents. It leaves the skin hydrated with continuous use and the cucumber formula makes it ideal for all types of weather conditions.

 Anti Bacterial With Mineral Sea Minerals Soap

Care Anti-Bacterial and Sea- Minerals Soap contains important minerals that are mixed with a combination of bio active and organic extracts. It leaves the body feeling refreshed, clean, and hydrated. With protective and cosmetic properties, it enhances the beauty of your skin and has an antibacterial agent that protects us from germs and bacteria.

Care Beauty Soap Delicate White Flower

Care Delicate White Flower Soap not only cleans your hands of germs but also leaves a long-lasting touch. The complex formula of many vitamins softens the skin and leaves a  refreshing glow after each bath.

Care Beauty Soap Honey And Almonds With Milk

Care Honey and Almond with Milk Soap face/body bar made from the synthesis of floral oil and honey for cleansing and providing the perfect skincare. Deep soap moisturizers leave your skin soft and supple, with a warm natural scent. 

Lemon & Lime With Glycerin Soap

Care Lemon & Lime Soap is enhanced with moisturizing glycerin replacement formula and many moisturizing vitamins that leave a refreshing glow after each bath.  Hence it is the best soap in Pakistan.

Lilac Scented Soap

Care Lilac Scented Soap not only clears your hands of germs and infections but also leaves a pleasant lilac scent on your hands. The complex formula of many vitamins softens the skin and leaves a radiant glow every time you wash it.

Milk With Vitamin E Soap

Care Milk with Vitamin E  Soap contains milk and Vitamin E . Which is a very effective natural moisturizer. It smells mild, gentle, and soothing. Made from a special formula of active ingredients, like milk that nourishes, and softens the skin. 

Rosewater & Strawberry Extract Soap

Care Rose Water & Strawberry Extract Soap provides a balanced combination of essence including citrus, moss, amber, and warm wood and roses. It will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.