Essential Tips for Hair Growth and Thickness

Hair fall is something both genders regularly experience throughout their lifetime. We are born with a complete set of hair, but they grow weak and break over time due to us not taking care of them. Men tend to experience hair fall more than women and are less likely to practice good hair care techniques. Genetics also play a vital role in choosing what kind of hair quality you might have. Many men tend to lose confidence overtime when they lose their hair. Not to worry, Care Cosmetics has a wide range of products to elevate your hair care routine. Hair fall can be avoided entirely or at the very least delayed by following some simple hair care techniques. 

 Steps to increase hair growth and thickness:

  • Oil Your hair regularly

The first step is to oil your hair weekly and get a hair massage if possible. The best product to buy is Care Almond oilCare Almond Oil nourishes your skin and hair. Its contents help improve blood circulation to skin cells, tightening dull, ageing skin, and improving elasticity. It nourishes and strengthens hair and scalps to soothe irritation and swelling from hot conditions, including rashes and eczema. A head massage will benefit your hair and help your scalp relax. Using Care’s Almond Oil while getting a head massage will quickly absorb the oil in your scalp. 

  •  Reduce Shampoo Usage

The second thing to do is to stop shampooing your hair on the regular. It can lead to hair follicles getting weak over time. It can also lead to hair breaking while brushing your hair or patting your hair dry with a towel. Buying shampoos that don’t contain sulfur will also benefit your hair. Most shampoos contain sulfur which is terrible for your hair, and those shampoos that don’t have sulfur may be more expensive than regular shampoos, but they will protect your hair from hair fall. 

  •  Apply Moisturizers 

The third step to do is apply Glycerin into your hair. It is the best product for itchiness and dryness on your scalp. Dryness causes hair follicles to get damaged over time, and applying Glycerin to your scalp will ensure your scalp retains moisture. Cares Pure Glycerin is the perfect product for dry and itchy scalps. It is made from various natural and plant-based ingredients, ideal for skin and hair care treatments. Care Pure Glycerin formula promotes cell development and retains moisture for excellent skin health. It is an all-purpose component in beauty products, including hair and skin care, to treat areas suffering from itchiness and dryness.

  •  Avoid drying your hair with a towel

The fourth thing to stop doing is drying your hair with a towel. Most of us are very rigorous while drying our hair with a towel. It can cause hair fall to occur in the long term. Avoid being thorough and try to pat lightly so that your hair follicles remain steady. The best thing to do is to let your hair dry out naturally. Using a hair serum is also an excellent step to follow for daily usage. Anti-Frizz is a must-have product in the humid weather of Pakistan since humidity leads to hair roots getting weak over time.

  •  Avoid Blow drying hair

The final step is to avoid over-drying your hair after you dampen them. The correct way of drying your hair with a dryer is to apply anti-frizz to your roots and then gently dry your hair with a flat brush. It will ensure your roots stay separated and don’t end up getting tangled due to humidity. 

 By following these five steps, you can make sure your hair growth increases and avoid hair fall for as long as possible. Having a healthy set of hair will increase your confidence and also improve your overall style.