Care Junior Bundle


    Care Junior Bundle is a perfect choice for mothers who are quality and health-conscious. It includes a 1 Baby Feeder Colored (without handle) (250ml) 1 Baby Feeder (without handle) (250ml) ...

    Care Bundle


    1 Nail Polish Remover (55 ml) 1 Heel Cream (25 ml)  1 Fairness Honey Lotion (95 ml)  1 Aloe Vera Crème Bleach (70 ml)  1 Vanishing Cream (70 ml)  1...

    Lotion Bundle


    1 Honey Lotion (120 ml) 1 Super Fruits Winter Lotion (95 ml) 1 Fairness Honey Lotion (95 ml)  1 Sunblock Lotion (95 ml)  1 Whitening Lotion (95 ml)  1 Cleansing...

    Hair Removing Bundle


    Hair Removing Bundle includes 2 Aloe Vera Crème Bleach (70ml), 2 Hair Remover Lotions (40ml) and Almond Oil.

    Skincare Bundle


    1 Almond Oil (35ml) 1 Honey Lotion (60ml) 1 Heel Cream (25 ml) 1 Glycerin (100 ml) 1 Petroleum Jelly (100 ml)

    Skin Cream Bundle


    1 Cold Cream (70ml)  2 Lemon Cream (35ml)  1 Vanishing Cream (70ml)  1 Fairness Cream (70ml) 

    Travel Size Bundle


    Travel Size Bundle is your perfect skincare partner during your traveling times. It includes 1 Honey Lotion (35 ml) 1 Super Fruits Winter Lotion (57 ml)  1 Fairness Honey Lotion...

    Winter Care Bundle


    1 Super Fruits Winter Lotion (95 ml) 1 Honey Lotion (60 ml) 1 Cold Cream (70 ml) 1 Petroleum Jelly (50 ml) 1 Glycerine (50 ml)  1 Cleansing Milk (95ml)

    Germ Protection Bundle


    2 Hand Wash (270ml)  2 Beauty Soap (any two variants) (135g)  1 Fairness Honey Lotion (57ml)  1 Soap Saver 

    Bleach Creme Bundle


    Bleach Crème Bundle includes our 6 top-of-the-line variants of Bleach Crème including Saffron (10ml)Olive Oil (10ml)Honey (10ml)Peach (10ml)Aloe Vera (10ml)Peach Plus (10ml).

    Hair Remover with Aloe Vera

    Rs.70 – Rs.200

    Care Hair Removal Lotion with Aloe Vera and Cucumber removes unwanted hair as its superior formula exfoliates and moisturizes skin for a silkier, soft, and smooth finish. The lotion contains...

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