Aloe Vera with Cucumber Soap

    Rs.35 – Rs.85

    Care Aloe Vera with Cucumber is formulated with the amazing power of natural ingredients that nurture the skin and keep it hydrated in all kinds of weather conditions.

    Milk Soap with Vitamin E

    Rs.35 – Rs.85

    Care Milk Protein Soap with vitamin E contains is a natural and highly effective skincare solution. It is lightly scented, mild and soothing, a true daily delight for the skin....

    Delicate White Flowers Soap

    Rs.35 – Rs.85

    Care Delicate White Flower is a multivitamin soap that is perfect for Cleansing & Bathing and springs a long-lasting fragrance on the skin. It softens the skin and gives a...

    Anti-Bacterial with Sea Minerals Soap

    Rs.35 – Rs.85

    Care Anti-Bacterial with Sea-Minerals Soap comprises vital minerals that are combined with a proprietary blend of bio-active and organic extracts. It leaves the body feeling replenished, purified, and revitalized. The...

    Almond Oil


    Almond Oil is a healthy and luxurious hair and body treatment. Allow almond oil's nourishing, hydrating, and softening properties to leave your skin silky-soft and your hair healthy.

    Petroleum Jelly Honey & Almond

    Rs.60 – Rs.150

    Pure Almond & Honey Petroleum Jelly keeps the skin moisturized and hydrated for prolonged periods. It provides long-lasting smoothness and softness to dry skin. Leaves the skin fresh & invigorated...

    Heel Cream


    Care Heel Cream hydrates, preserves, prevents & keeps the heels looking youthful and healthy. It comprises Vitamin E, Grape Seed Oil, Mineral Oil, and Zinc Oxide along with 19 other...

    Modish Perfumed Talcum Powder

    Rs.110 – Rs.220

    Care Modish Perfumed Talc is the optimum blend of soothing essentials and natural fragrances that leave the skin comfortable in the most demanding environments. It has been specifically designed to...

    Hair Remover Rose

    Rs.20 – Rs.170

    Care Rose Hair Remover formulated for hair removal is designed especially for sensitive skin to remove unwanted hair quickly without any irritation. It comes with a beautiful rose fragrance; it...

    Hair Removal with Shea Butter

    Rs.70 – Rs.150

    Care Hair Remover Lotion with Shea Butter is incredibly easy to use and gives incredible, long-lasting results in minutes. The lotion is formulated to break down the keratin structure of...

    Hair Remover with Aloe Vera

    Rs.70 – Rs.150

    Care Hair Removal Lotion with Aloe Vera and Cucumber removes unwanted hair as its superior formula exfoliates and moisturizes skin for a silkier, soft, and smooth finish. The lotion contains...

    Hair Remover Lemon

    Rs.20 – Rs.170

    Care Hair Removal Lotion is enriched with Lemon Extracts rich in Vitamin C, which reduces skin damage and premature aging. The lemon properties decrease oil on the skin and reduce inflammation....

    Softening & Moisturizing Hand wash


    Care Almond Milk and Honey Hand Wash is a super effective antibacterial and antifungal hand washes with moisturizing, moisture retention properties. Further, it helps in pore cleansing and leaves the hands...

    Hydrating & Beautifying Hand Wash


    Care Rose Water and Strawberry extract hand wash hydrates and beautify the hands. Further, it tightens the skin pores which result in youthful and glowing hands. Its antibacterial & antifungal...

    Care Sunblock Lotion

    Rs.90 – Rs.220

    Care sunblock lotion provides an effective broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection while keeping the skin moisturized and hydrated.

    Deep Moisturizing Lotion

    Rs.90 – Rs.220

    Care Deep Moisturizing Lotion hydrates dry, flaky skin and replenishes fresh skin to reveal a deep, luminous glow. It contains a rich antioxidant formula with an anti-aging ability that keeps...

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